Red Models’ show package packs a visual punch – their eye-catching red tinged cards display the cream of the male modeling crop. With Tyler Riggs, Dominique Hollington, Stan Jouk, Reid Prebenda, Salieu Jalloh, Chris Pulliam, Julius Beckers, Lyle Lodwick and new face Tommy Cox taking center stage Red is sure to make an impact this season.

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  1. Jon Malinowski is the best!!!! Thank you for all your hard work and for allowing Dave and I to re-submit, re-submit and re-submit so many images until we got it right………well sort of :)
    You are the one stop fix it all guy that fits us to a tee.

    TheAgentMan & General of STOMPFEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. No slight on Trent Kendrick at all. My amazing Trent is back in college and will appear this season only on direct bookings.

  3. DAMN……..that Ibrahim will always rule as my favorite RED NYC model. I LOVE his pouty/perfect lips, great abs, and beautiful skin tone and features. I also miss Carlens Saintvil who used to be on the RED website but I am definitely enjoying Ibrahim on Model City on the Centric cable network. LOVE YOU IBRAHIM BAAITH!!!!!

  4. yeah you spelt nieves wrong on his picture….there’s not alot of puerto rican male model, so you sould do him the favor an get it right! its NIEVES