If seeking catwalk kings, then look no further. The boys at Fashion Milan are at your service. Seasoned MDC favorites such as Eddie Tucker, Terron Wood, Julius Beckers and Reid Prebenda are ready for FW09 and are guaranteed to excite any designer’s show. Just as well, eye catchers Daniel Evans, Jarek Pietka, Alan Carey, and Wendell Lissimore are bound to cause a stir.

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  1. RED NYC is proud to be “mother agent” on the following boys at Fashion:
    Adrien Fedida
    Alan Carey
    Chris Pulliam
    Dominique Hollington
    Julius Beckers
    Lyle Lodwick
    Reid Prebenda
    Shawn Sutton
    Wendell Lissimore

    ***RED “the little agency that could”


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  3. he’s half puertorican and half irish
    lives in Brooklyn NY..
    21 years old..
    he is a real cool person…
    i love talking to him!!!

  4. he looks like he has a bright future he’s someone
    i would look at and not forget keep it up elliot

  5. It stuns me that Axel Mirathon hasn’t been in many shows. Is he in school? Does he not make much time for modeling? He seems like such an ideal model. Who knows what really happens in this industry.