Prepare to be wowed by Nathalie Hommes show package FW09. The boys are prepped and ready to hit the Paris catwalks. Leading the way is catwalk king Nick Snider. Now seasoned boys like Baptiste Demay, Gordon Bothe, Niels Raabe, Julien Ferre and Tomek are bound to be show stoppers while stomping the runway.

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  1. always great cast at nathalie. oh, so Dennis Johnson was with lara in that edit…hugo, gordon, geartwiltem(?)
    can’t wait for the shows.

  2. Tomek is fantastic !! great great face ! by the way he looks like Vladimir restoin roitfeld, french vogue editor son !

  3. How do I get in touch with Jeremy Barrios. He came to america as an exchange student, and stayed with me and my son, Corey and Pat Walker. I would just like to get in touch and catch up. If it’s at all in your power I would appreciate any help you could give me.

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