1. OO i’m going to die , where is SIGRID AGREN ? Oo oh oh nooo , where is she ? i saw a picture of the carolina herrera runway’s board , she was there :s and what about Karmen ? ( sorry if my english is bad )

  2. If Sigrid and Karmen are doing the shows, they’ll do them. The agencies often don’t do showcards for their top girls ater they’ve attained a certain level of success. Doesn’t mean they are skipping the shows. At worst, it means they are doing only a select number of shows and no longer going from casting to casting to casting.

  3. Karmen is doing them guys. We know for sure she will be at Carolina Herrera as she was in the casting picture.

  4. Don’t like this concept- kinda makes all the girls uniform and its too much about the concept and not the girls.