1. Jamaican Saint Tsheca in the MIX for New York FashionWeek..rocking out for Jamaica 50!

  2. It’s a pleasant surprise to see waris ahluwalia showcards with Mix and also looking forward to see Hannelore Knuts since she moved from Ford

  3. Lovely cards, the new faces are a total miss for me though except for Tscheca…wow!

  4. excited to see whats in the future for Mix. I hope they dont close down

  5. Mix is a perfect name.. Finally a wider range of unique beauty as model agencies should be recruiting. I’m excited to see the success of such an innovative team. Xx cheers and stick to your guns

  6. This is really a mix, well more of a curation? Love that Waris is on here. Mix seems to be developing a business model that isn’t present in the industry. Curious to see what will come post NYFW.

  7. I’m really curious to see how Mix’s models will fare this FW.
    The guys look really good.
    With the exception of Tscheca, I’m not excited about the girls at all.

    Also, what’s up with that 32.5 inch hip? That can’t be for real.

  8. True to its name!!! The range is amazing and happy to see Issa and Tsecha!

  9. Grand package MIX! Karlena is a beauty and interested to see Bolt in future projects. I must say the eye catchers are Tsheca are Waris —love them

  10. New york has so much to offer. Please take advantage of the amazing talent out there. So far so good Mix.