1. Genius – So great to see some stand out packages “IMG”, “ONE”, “FUSION”…this is amazing!

  2. Franzi and Elza, sooooooo cool. IMG has the best new girls and the package is the best ever!

  3. love this show package! they should sell this coloring book to the public haha there are some awesome faces i like catalina,elza,jess,camilla,and taylor….and liza g?? she switched to img? this shud be exciting i hope fashion week responds to her in a positive way

  4. Karolijn Zomer is amazing! amazing girl, strong presence, and unique beauty!!! Go Girl!!

  5. what’s with the spiffy random order? alphabetical order is too common for the fashion biz?

  6. IMG has the best show package.. love the concept!!!! Montana is going to NY Fashion WEek!!!! =)