1. Yes that’s true, I dont have any news on it or why she made that decision as only she knows. I must say that her mother agency ‘Mother Management’as well as Next did do a great job in developing and managing her. But, there has to be a solid reason for her switch. Models on her level dont just jump on a whim. Was she offered something that Next were not able to give? Was she just poached (Next know all about doing that…Karma) Or did she feel the need that her career needed a stronger more experienced actual team behind her to take her to the next (no pun intended) level. IMG are more than a model agency – they are a seriously good management company. I predict that Karlie will sky rocket into the public eye as IMG think outside the modelling box.
    I’m sad that Mother and Next have been shoved, but that’s the business for you. Loyalty is spelt in $$ Fame and fortune.

  2. It would be Karma and a big loss for Next if they indeed lose Karlie, there was a lawsuit filed by elite years ago that Next stole Karlie in 2008 according to the New York Post. Next has really done a great job with her Career though, there as never been more hype about a model since Gisele in the early 2000s, love her or hate her it seems shes gonna be around a little while longer.