1. Wow, surprisingly filled with fresh and new faces.

    Where is Karmen Pedaru and other famous girls from Ford?

  2. Wow! Looks like Ford Women has it going on this year! Package looks amazing.

  3. I think ” ford women ” and ” ford ” are different , so there might be a show package for ” ford ” division later , hope that Sigrid , Karmen , Ming and Anais and Kate are doing NY fashion week (yn) !!
    ps :sorry for my english

  4. these cards look like they’ve been made on paint -_- p.s where’s marina nery…?

  5. @ Soya Cora is amazing. She is now on Models.com hot list. Watch out! Here she comes.

  6. Is FORD Women a different from FORD? I wonder if Charlene & Danica will walk shows this season??