1. incredible girls….. much cleaner than previous seasons…. best girl’s they’ve ever had!!

  2. Go Ashane and Orneila….Rock it out for Jamaica for Spring Summer 2013…Love Alek and Grace too…MUSE ROCKS….

  3. Jamaican Beauties Ashane and Orneila will do us proud for Spring Summer 2013….rock the runways for Jamaica 50….love Alek and Grace Bol….ROCKING MUSES!

  4. consistency love it. definitely mannequins. boring but whatever its simple. Emina/ Masha. stuuuunnersss. ugh i want to be a pretty girl someday. maybe sunday. hmmm

  5. EMINA CUNMULAJ!? I’m dying to see her making a HUGE comeback!!! Hopefully #SS2013 will be HER SEASON!!!!

  6. Love Alek!! and Sara, Lexi, Kat! The design is simple and straight forward. Just what we need to see. Way to go!

  7. Mexican power right there! Cristina Piccone, absolutely gorgeous & MUSE has an amazing package of girls!