1. Ummmm what’s going on over there at Fusion? it’s like a completely new women’s board. Loving!

  2. WWWWWHHHHHAAAAATTTTTTTT?????? ON EARTH IS THIS?????? this is AMAZING!!!! FAB. finally something great oout of Fusion. keep it up. love the art!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hats off to Fusion.. this show package is slick, strong – watch out NYC! Good things come in small packages..

  4. i’m looooooooving alexa. the crowns or whatever they are are soooo gorg. amazing art work. i want the artist to make me pretty toooooooo. it definitely helped some of the girls… oops, yes i said it. love love love love love. that’s all.

  5. HOMG HOMG! I thought i’m the only one who think all of them are amazing lol. And i LOVE the comp card designs! They made all the girls look fab lol..