Nathalie Models and its fleet of coveted girls is poised for PFW S/S 09. The city of lights should ready itself for this agency’s beaming stars to shine because they never disappoint when you have the likes of Jourdan, Anouk and Olga striding upon a runway. Any and all designers will be beyond pleased to have girls like Lakshmi, Kathrin, or former model of the week Amanda Lopes at their disposal. With seasoned beauties like Omahira geared for this Parisian runway season, Nathalie Models is set to impress.

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  1. during yhe production of our fall collection in india, my boss wanted a model for our upcoming photoshoot and i happened to see lakshmi in an elle editorial. i was stunned by her lean and angular looks. she reminds me of wanakee pugh, one of the top editorial black models of he 80’s.i suggested her to my boss and sadly,she was passed off for a fair, caucasian from russia. my boss isnt so keen about dark, exotic models.well, anyway, guess what? the next season,lakshmi modeled for hermes and gaultier and i showed the runway pics to my boss, much to her chagrin!!! much power to you, lakshmi!!!!