Top 10 Newcomer SS09 (NY): Sigrid

When New York Models’ Sigrid made her final exit at the last Prada Resort show model-watchers took note of this French Caribbean beauty with the pristine beauty combined with an usual degree of poise. It is no wonder then that Sigrid stormed her first season in NY with a show roster that swept from Marc by Marc to Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan, culminating in a 3 look stint for Calvin Klein. OTM had sat down with Sigrid for a video interview in June where the shy newcomer told the story of her discovery. As stunning as she is here, she speeds into Milan looking even more immaculate these recent days. Stay tuned for her follow-through.

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  1. Its been a tough season for beauties, but so refreshing to see that at least Sigrid has blossomed. Her face has understated qualities that just keep growing on you – there’s nothing offensive about her face either which is so different to the rest of the pack of new blondes hogging the catwalk this season. She’s such a natural.

  2. elle est trop cool
    elle a un petit air naif et apeuré mais je suis sur qu elle va tout déchirer!

  3. She’s extremely pretty and shes EVERYWHERE it makes me jealous. but the thing that will make me SO jealous that i will literally fly to whatever country she’s at and hit her is if she approaches in any way (photoshoot etc.) Luke Worrall, Taylor Fuchs, Cole Mohr and ESPECIALLY Ash Stymest. Oh god if she approaches Ash I’m going to go fucking mad.
    hahah i sound like a psycho.. no but really i will be FUCKING jealous

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