The Select women will be powering their way across the pond during LFW S/S 09 where clients will find choice girls to showcase that “it” design. Leading the way are Top 50 stars like Iekeliene and Caroline Trentini, as well as the compelling ones like Alice Dellal, Abigail and Chloe. Pound for pound, casting directors will find must-books here.

View the complete list of S/S 09 show packages for New York, London, Milan and Paris here.

  1. Abigail Gotts is someone new for me.
    wanessa and pilar – always nice to see.
    wanessa was on the motw recently, no?

    simona as simona m.?

  2. Alex Wurfel!!! Is she the girl in front page of The Daily Telegraph/LFWS of Julien Mcdonald? She looks gorgeous!!!

  3. ♥☻♥Alex Wurfel♥☻♥is nice,beautiful,sweet and thoughtful ♪§☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○∟↑↔←↨→←

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