1. i don’t get it these people like boyd and kevin and stuff i thought they in public img men …???o_OP

  2. Howcome everyone is here from Public Image? I visited PI Site and I noticesa ton of missing faces?

  3. i love the picture choice.
    what a great package. wilhelmina hardly ever disapointes me.
    at least their man division.

  4. Yeah, and where the hell is Tyson Ballou also, I noticed him
    missing from the Public Image site. Don’t tell me they
    got fired… ;p

  5. a top agent left public image to wilhelmina bringing with him every worth while boy

  6. agent kevin apana switched from PI for wilhelmina and switched the best boys…

  7. That’s such a shame that P.I. models transferred here, it’s
    gonna be a blow to the Public Image name, especially
    during the shows.

  8. YEAH! Mitchell and Buddy! They are such good people. Hopefully they book a lot of shows.

  9. Public Image is no longer. Chris Forberg closed up shop. Anyone else hear this news?

  10. Omg no way, that is crazy, this is not how i thought the
    former IMG agency for men was going to turn out. What happened?!

  11. best models were switch to whilemhina!thats great! ryan kennedy has a great face and bone structure is phenomnal.along with taylor fuchs! hopefully we will see more work from them