The IMG nation goes for a bleached color treatment paired with a bold sans serif font to sell the most coveted body of models circulating at one agency right this minute. Whether quintessential (think Sasha, Lily Donaldson, Lara Stone, Jessica Stam, Freja) or new generation star (the likes of Kinga, Heidi Mount, Kamila F) the body of IMG girls will find themselves fending off a frenzy of bookings for NY S/S 09. But with this agency the great suspense always concerns which of that slew of newcomers will rise through NY, Milan and Paris to loom as the Next Big Girl. That is the great competitive drive that powers IMG to the status of market leader and it will be intriguing to see which girls manifest that ambition. Pernille and Charlotte (as seen in their exclusive MDX previews here: Pernille and Charlotte) have great advance billing and Cato Van E, of the Prada/Miu-Miu exclusives and her Model.Live buzz are certainly fielding some of the best options in town imaginable. A shrewd casting director however, will want to call in all of this New Faces show board as there is bound to be a surprise star lurking here. The IMG scouting network has been working relentlessly to corner some of the best girls emerging from the global mother agency system and it certainly shows. Let the booking wars begin.

View the complete list of S/S 09 show packages for New York, London, Milan and Paris here.

  1. Who is that girl, Anna Pichler!!!! She is AMAZING!!!!!!
    She is my favorite this season and of course I love Sasha, Tanya, Kinga and Jessica (the big names …) :)

  2. Another great board by IMG. No wonder theyve been one of the best for so many years now!

  3. Be Afraid. Rahma has landed!!!

    Although they’ve spelt her name wrong :-(


  4. In Jules there is something what reminds me to Jessica.
    But anyway a very stong board again, fantastic girls.
    Yes Marc, Paula is really very nice. Tamara McDonald is also cool and Anna Pichler is one of my favourites too. Congratulation!

  5. So many great new faces and such a lovely show package!

    I’m in love with Natalie Hockey!!!

  6. Love This Board! The IMG women, as per usual, are in it to win it & Diana F & Kim McCullough are the new ones who’re gonna blow it out of the water!


  8. I’m glad Yasmin is walking this year. I was hoping Ujwala would make an appearance too. They’re so elegant and beautiful

  9. We will see the reactions of the clients. But I promise big success for Anna Pichler and Tamara McDonald from the new faces this season. We will see …

  10. madeline kragh looks amazing. shes on the IMG/vogue show check it out on

  11. I love Anna Pichler’s look, Natalia and Paula are also great!
    Nice package!

  12. Hi Knife,

    I know Anna and she is really 5’10. As she is just turned 16, she has grown a lot in the last 1 year and probably she can still grow a bit. I love her look anyway and hope she can do a fantastic season. I like Tamara and Natalia too, they are also brilliant!


  13. anna pichlers not 5’10 for sho for sho for sho…. but she is young and will probably grow some i’d put her around 5’8 1/2″ realistically put her around 5’8….. tamara mcdonald is beautiful!!!!

  14. Anna Pichler NOW is 177 cm. Creditable source.
    She is oddity and beautiful!

  15. Are these girls in London as well? I don’t see an IMG
    package for London.

  16. Love the new girls, but the eye is still mostly drawn to Sasha… The old lady of IMG is looking amazing these days.

  17. well you can talk what cha want but the best IMG girl is Tanya Dziahileva.I think she is no.1,no doubt’s.I mean she has done a lot in her modeling carrer.she is only 17 and she has a status of a supermodel,and she is treated like one.the only thing i dont like is the fact she put her clothes down for shooting a powerhouse editorial in V .I mean she was waaaaaay to young for a pictures like that.The else is good

  18. Anna is hungarian
    she is very nice,I know her,but she doesn’t seems to be so tall to me….

  19. natalie hockey is the best! i cannot believe how pretty she is… and she rocked all of her shows! omg, i love her!!

  20. what happened to Gemma ward? is she going to walk this season? i hope so…..