1. Major is really blowin up nowadays, and in a “major” way. (lol) I am so excited to see Lisa Jackson from America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 9 with a show card.

  2. Major has some great girls this year! I can’t wait to see
    Sessilee on the runway.

    Looking forward to seeing some of the new faces…

  3. I love the comps! The black and white really seperates Major’s cards from all the others.
    Personally, I think it gives the cards pizzazz and will keep everyone wanting more.
    By the way I can’t wait to see more on that Sessilee Lopez!

  4. Daniella Cosio De Jesus is one of my favourite models

    From the time I saw her in Miss Mexico 2005 I knew that she would be scouted. She is BEAUTIFUL!!
    I hope Daniella books a ton of Shows for New York fashion Week

  5. Lisa soy un joven de Peru enamorado de tus encantos eres una chica super divina tu debiste ganar en top model soy tu admirador numero uno me gustaria tener una enamorada como tu …cuidate y suerte….

  6. OMG!! kacie i miss you so much!! do you remember me Hannah!! i miss you so much every time you came into the store i was at home or at camp!! i miss you come back and see me!!!