Conventional wisdom would have it that Major Men is not a runway central destination. But, conventional wisdom might want to think again. Recently this shop has seen an explosion of blue chip editorial and campaign stars, like Calvin Klein campaign star Blaine Cook and Givenchy face Simon Nessman. Keep an eye peeled also for Terron, Travis and Sean Harju as presences on those better NY runways.

View the complete list of S/S 09 show packages for New York, London, Milan and Paris here.

  1. no mention of lawrence sters?? afaik he did more shows than any major boy in new york for fw08

  2. As usual, Major’s men’s division towers over any other board!
    The men are timeless and gorgeous!!!!

  3. MAJOR! Is correct. The best house in the business. The men are
    amazing and as always, Major dominates the most important ads and edit
    orial of the year always…

  4. Hands down the best guys. It’s just star after star after star. And I love that they’re regular hot, not just model hot.

  5. Great guys and all runway stars. Can’t wait for the shows. Majos
    guys are hot, and you’re correct poo, regular, I wish I could run
    into him on the street hot.Best Men’s Board period.

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