The runway ready men of New York Models appear in bold close-up on the card’s covers and then prove their runway mettle on the back with each model highlighted in a catwalk moment. But, with top faces like Dennis J, Gordon, Ty and Luiz speeding their way down, expect that catwalk mileage to multiply massively in the next few weeks. A new generation of stars cometh.

View the complete list of S/S 09 show packages for New York, London, Milan and Paris here.

  1. but come on “yo”, honestly who cares about ny shows?
    few good shows..almost no money…

  2. I cant wait to see what shows raising star Pierre will be in after the polo

  3. Just so everyone knows all agencies are doing all new faces. Its about really marketing the new goods and giving them as much exposure as possible. All old famous models will be probably be direct bookings.

  4. ronnie kroell is a new face too (from make me a supermodel),
    just like ben d, casey s and perry. what happened to him?