The Supreme girl this season leaves the stark monochromatic shadows of the Downtown Underground and basks in the pure light of Spring while on her ashram retreat. Think seventies Berkeley undergrad at a commune, think artist’s colony, think organic and green and free spirited and you’re vibrating to the frequency emanated from Supreme’s S/S 09 package. What truly lifts Supreme’s aesthetic to a remarkably visionary place this season is an accompanying hardcover book of original artwork by a selection of artists ranging from Devendra Banhart to Ori Gersht, Milano Chow, Mariah Robertson, Joyce Kim, Alex Kopps, Chris Duncan and Patricia Iglesias. The genius of that is the distinct and personal vision Paul Rowland fosters around his girl is generously embedded in the imagery of this suite of artists, making the models more than models. The models become a part of a greater creative community which is really moving to witness. Generosity is the key word here, given the many passionate individuals from photographers (Chadwick Tyler, Hugh Lippe) to art directors (Common Space) to stylist (Nicholas Grasa). More than just a bunch of throwaway pictures of models, more than just a sales tool, Paul Rowland has given to the industry a kind gift of passion that is a labor of love. It is a remarkable achievement that is also frankly, a historic keepsake.

View the complete list of S/S 09 show packages for New York, London, Milan and Paris here.

  1. WTF?
    How much money changed hands for that little blurb???
    I’m guessing “Generosity is the key word here”, huh?

  2. Phil,
    I have to tell you as someone who’s worked with Wayne for over
    8 years, I shake my head at your comment above. If there’s one
    thing you obviously don’t know about Wayne is that he does not
    compromise on his taste point. He’s always diplomatic but when
    he “waxes poetic” about something, it’s because he honestly
    likes it. Supreme’s package in person (and we see so many of
    them), is indeed a rare thing of beauty amongst many of the
    packages, with much thought and work put into it. No, not
    everyone will like or appreciate the package or the review,
    but then again, not everyone likes or appreciates any person
    or thing that is so sure of its own point of view.


  3. Fashion people get excited about these things OK.. these Supreme cards are like a beautiful directional editorial…that changes/ influences/interprets the zeitgeist
    and I’m in love with it too…

  4. Supreme management’s showcards always manage to blow my mid. They put so much thought and passion into what they do. Their showpackages are not just collections of the best work from their girls its a collection of original work.
    Supreme will always be the trendsetter in this business and this showpackage is truly a collectors item.

  5. Personally, I can’t say I like all the models or the way they
    are presented by Supreme, but it doesn’t decrease the respect for
    that entusiasm Paul and his team have FOR their girls. And,
    creating something new, the new way of thinking, asks a lot
    of courage and vision, and that’s what Supreme stands for. I’m
    sure there’s a lot of clients too who are not liking the
    way, or won’t see ‘the thing’ in the package, but I think it’s
    better that the agency has a clear way of working, and clients
    know who they are, and who they are not. In general I guess
    Supreme is something you love or hate, but always admire. And
    what comes to creative writing – it can’t be bought. It’s
    something you need to feel and then express – so Wayne, keep
    working the way. It’s good, it’s unique, and it’s needed.

  6. Genious! Every season, something new, something fresh, I love Pauls artful mind, he brings so much to our industry…! xo

  7. Paul is making a political statement. Anyone who lives a little outside of the bubble of fashion would see that he’s making a comment. China. Tibet. The orange robe…Need I say more?

  8. If he is doing something like that,i can tell Paul knows nothing about China and Tibet…….

  9. I am quite surprised to see the ashram theme for the show cards! What I mean, of course, is that Supreme managed to pull it off very well – it’s the perfect theme for spring/summer shows. Ethereal, mysterious, beautiful, organic… I love it! Being a designer during weekdays, and an ashram patron on the weekends, you can imagine how excited I am to see this concept. Great job overall!

    (I wonder if the girls actually went to an ashram, and if so, which one!?)