1. Katie is very cute, and the package looks nice except the photos look stretched and squished. :-/

  2. Sara is Fantastic. The one thing I can say abou this women’s board is it’s Fresh, New and something different. Love this Show Package.

  3. What happened to miss claire campbell?

    Why are there girls with 36.5 hips?

    I like Sara too

  4. also Why is Teyona from America’s NExt Top Model trying to call herself Asia??

  5. Claire Campbell is in school and will be back for fashion week next year I heard. Top model ruins girls images and case you haven’t notice, so they have to strip down and and start all over again. Asia is amazing and I think she is going by that name, because she has a new image and it seems to be working. You should read a great article Fatima wrote about Top Model and she has Walked for Lanvin, Hermes and just did the Herve Leger Campaign. I know I can’t wait to see what Sara does love, love, love this girls look. So English looking and different from all the other models out there. Yes I’m ready for Claire Campbell to come back in response to helendapowlows.

  6. Maybe there are girls with 36.5 hips because that’s like their real size? Maybe that’s okay? When a girl is nearly 6 feet tall how realistic is it that her hips are 35 inches?

  7. Asia, Fransesca and Sara are amazing! In regard to Asia changing her name… what difference does it make to you bloggers. I heard that she changed it to be more visible when it comes to clients selecting for their castings. I mean it makes sense, If she changed her name to Asia ( her middle name ) to be visible @ the casting directors when they look thru online portfolios because the letter A is the 1st letter in the alphabet …. then she’s a smart model. I agree with Rachael and to add that ” ANTM STIGMA ” is dead. It never existed for many clients. The problem was the bookers @ these power house agencies making that assumption before submitting the models to the clients. In the end Asia and Fatima are both amazing models… both different but with amazing features that for sure will continue to grab the interest of the fashion industry. Good luck to all the girls this season.