1. Great line up. Elite on the comeback!!I cant wait to see wait to see what they do this year. Bring it on :)

  2. Not a bad package at all but I would have loved a stronger (and smaller) lineup of new faces even if some look great. One thing made me giggle, though. “Diana Khullina”… do they think we forgot she was once Farkhullina?

  3. Loui Chaban, slowly but surley is going to make Elite the best agency once again!!!

    This guy really have the formula to touch and turn everything into gold…

    Roberta Narciso, this girl rocks!!!

  4. Is this Louie Chaban’s effect???????????????
    If the answer is yes good luck to Elite……………..

  5. An iconic agency reinvented!!! Elite has been so-so since forever but with new faces like Julia, Roberta, Hannah and a new director

  6. Laura Mccone is really just a stunning woman – one of the best in this package!