1. Amazing show package and so well curated. Kat looks so classy and Amanda Ware… WOW! I LOVE Othilia’s Meisel campaign. Go Silent!!!

  2. This is a very strong package. Nice to see Madisyn Ritland with a showcard this season! And Emeline and Caroline definitely look like new faces to watch.

  3. Amanda Ware!!! TY God she moved form S to Silent… excitd to see her…

  4. Othilia is amazing! Can’t wait to see her complete show list by the end of the season. Also, Emeline and Caroline are such great new faces.

  5. This is an outstanding show package. All the girls are beautiful! I love Othilia Simon’s Lanvin campaign! Amanda Ware looks amazing – sexy yet classy.

  6. I love Kat’s looks, and Amanda looks absolutely amazing. Definitely one of the stronger show packages I’ve seen.