1. What does a Ford T-shirt have to do with Egyptian hieroglyphics??????? At least make it COHESIVE!!!!

  2. Ondria is now 16!

    The best show package from all agencies!!! Paul Rowland is a king!!!

    I love Kate King!!! So unique so cool!!!

    Where are Antonia W, Karmen Pedaru,Michaela Hlavackova,Erjona?

  3. WHAT ?? Sorry, these cards are awful.
    Disappointed. Ford you are better than this.

  4. What, no Erjona? This is not good, she was the breakthrough last season. Hope to se her in Paris :)

  5. Charlene Almarvez & Danica M. is not on the show package???? and is Charo still walking NYFW??? I bet she already moved to the commercial division of FORD that is why she is not featured on the mainboard.. =”””((

  6. I Wonder if ausieNTM contestant CHantal R. would also be prioritize by FORD just like the other girls>>>>????