1. Powerhouse.
    Can’t wait to see Daria, Mirte, Ginta, Guinevere, Hilary, Iselin, Fei Fei, Julia and I hope for a big comeback for Heather and Tanya.

  2. id like to see Lais walk alot of shows . her body looked amazingggg at victorias secret

  3. I’m also curious to see how Sterling does. I expect her to break out. fingers crossed, of course

  4. I love how people think models.com made the mistake by putting a showcard of Tanya up. (I’m pretty sure models.com doesn’t make the showcards. lol)

    Women has my favourite cast is New York every season. I really hope to see Heather make a big comeback on the runways.

  5. I didn’t realize they had SO many top girls.

    I hope Tanya and Hilary make big comebacks. They both left high fashion very abruptly and it’s a shame they haven’t done anything worthwhile since.