1. Whát a great line up.
    I’m so ready to see Elise, Ymre, Doutzen, Caterina, Emily B., Vika, Saskia, BETTE AND ROMEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  2. oh my may may.. what a beautiful pacakge! some really amazing new faces for sure! very excited to see what happens this season.

  3. Amazing line up as usual full of strong established girls (doutzen returning!!) and promising new comers! Upset to see no card for Frida, but Breonne, Dillon and Nur are my ones to watch. Still rooting for Luisa to have her breakthrough moment.


  4. i am obsessedddddd with olivia. she will be an amazing new face this season!!

  5. VERY strong show package! No fillers or dead weight here. All these girls are going to book well, obviously. I’ll like for Vika and Kati to mimic their selective bookings like last season. Keeping an eye out for Nur and Hind (hopefully this can be her breakout season) amongst others! Go Milou! Go Saskia! Elise.. A DREAM! DNA has those girls you just can’t overlook.


  6. Ahh DNA! All my favourites under one roof! They have it all, killer new faces like Romee and Kati plus those incredible main board super stars Saskia, Doutzen and Edita! WOW! Looking forward to seeing how that new one does Olivia… she looks fierce guuuurrl!!

  7. Hope Hind well break in a big way this season, she’s gorgeous and it’s so unfair !

  8. simple and chic. just beautiful. you don’t need anything if you have these models!

  9. DNA is poised for yet another incredible show season. All eyes on Maria Bradley!

  10. Milou van groesen’s card looks killer! These DNA girls are a very polished bunch. Good luck for this season.

  11. LOve love bette!!! her comeback is amazing… the CNTM girl signed with them (forgot her name) should have got a show card..

  12. Great line up DNA! Amazing new faces. Love Olivia and Crystal. Definitely ones to watch this season.

  13. With this many chic girls, its no way they cannot have a great season!

  14. Wow, great names! Very curious about the new face Quirine. She looks so interesting!