1. To be Honest,… I was never a big fan of Trump for some reason.

    But I have to give them major credit for this.
    It is the best show package I have seen so far!!!!!!!
    All the models are portrayed really well,.. the selection off girls is AMAZING. All the new faces captured me in an instant.
    CREDIT !!!
    Well done .

  2. And another thing: HOW BEAUTIFULL IS ASHLEY METTA ??

    she is Flawless. Beauty campaign girl.
    Amazing find.

  3. Anais will definetily hit it big time this season, amazing cheekbones, love Betsy and Sam too…

  4. Exciting to see Hye Park has a showcard! Hope to see her booking some great shows again.

  5. I hope Hye shows up. She had a showcard for NY last season but did no shows except for Balmain and Marant in Paris.

  6. WOW! Gorgeous design, clean and simple. Best Showpackage I’ve seen from them in awhile. Showcases girls, not trying overly hard, and great select of models. Classy and chic!

  7. Effortlessly cool. All about the girl, no distractions.. I imagine great for casting directors.

  8. Happy to see Hye is back!!! Missing Ashley Smith and Natalie Hockey to name a few.

  9. I must say.. best show package Trump has yet to produce. I do always believe that trump has some great girls.. but not the greatest. But I really do love these girls.

  10. Loving Ashley Metta’s face, also rooting for Ataui (an incredible model, so elegant) and I think I speak for everyone when I say we need more of Hye Park.