1. Oh my, Suvi has a card. So she’ll do Proenza Schouler, Alexander Wang & Marc Jacobs.

  2. Yeah Cora is pretty but she looks too much like Arizona.
    My faves are Arizona, Abbey and Karlie.

  3. Oh it’s me again but i reallt hope Kendra walks the shows again. She’s so classic.

  4. TATIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, amazingggggg! she will be a top ten this season again, love her. love her look and personality

  5. TATI COTLIAR IS SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD, SHE looks amazing! love her card, and her look, hope she has another grat season! come on, give her a vogue cover

  6. So glad to see Myf Sheperd’s show cards and she will be back on the runway!!

    Zuzanna Bijoch gonna killed it! Lydia Caroon is my favorite too!

  7. Anja, Abbey, Arizona, Karlie and some Ruby!! Phenomonal. These girls are always on my rador.
    ^ I like Lydia too! New face?

  8. Lydia did some great shows last season but she is still considered a new face! Good luck Lydia Carron!

  9. yeah, Anlabe you right, cora is stunning but she looks like Muse and Theres…

  10. Next has some lovely models. Some of the industries top models are represented by NEXT such as Karlie and Abbey. Really love Lydia Carron. Such an elegant beauty. Different beauty.