1. COCO !!! OH SO COCO !!.. .. Great show package, personally love COCO, Ali, Keke, and Marike… Good job Wilhemina

  2. wow…Wilhelmina has come a long way. Great cards and girls. Especially feeling Jing and Varsha…

  3. I hope that Wilhelmina Models can crate a topnotch reputation now that Coco & Ali is up to their board.

  4. ALI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please have an amazing season! I miss you on the runway!!!

  5. willy looks FAB this season, they are really developing as a high fashion agency!!! :O favs in order: aiste carly coco edita dempsey kerrie megan mj varsha and wang xiao!! SO MANY good girls. im sure they’ll have an explosive season. GOOD LUCK GIRLS