1. No Anu :( Now I have to put all my hopes on Suvi & Kirsi and since Suvi has already had a few two strong seasons in a row, she’ll probably be a no show this season, enjoying her new LA home.

  2. That package is about as sexy as a second grade art project… it looks thrown together at the last minute… having said that they do have some great girls on their board… I’ve got my eye on Leila and Hirschy…

  3. Daphne! I’m sure she’ll do great but I hope she’ll be a little more exclusive again this season.
    Hoping for Suzie and Iris to do great as well.
    I also hope that Josefien will have a killer season and LAKSHMI MENON <3

  4. Finally Maaike is doing New York, She is an amazing start. She will for sure kill the season

  5. This is one of the best show package designs EVER!!!! Absolutely unique design.

  6. The layout is awesome.. good to see Jacquelyn Jablonski, sesilee, & Daphne G.

  7. Daphne, Marique, Bregje, Josefien, and last but not least Maaike: I’m sure Dutchies will do very well (as usual). Btw in fact Maaike is with Daphne one of my fav models, so I’m very curious – both to see what kind of chances she will have, and what she will show on the runway.
    PS Beegee with her strong presence and tough femininity has everything to be a factor as well…

  8. Maaike!!! loveeeeeeeee her she’s amazing at Select.com you see way more work on her

  9. i love so much sheila marquez i hope renaway a lot of shows she is fantastic

  10. I wonder what thehard copies of the girls show packages look like since they are rectangular. But great girls! Supreme really does have some lovely talent. I love Leila Jay, maybe is the name? IDK.. but she rocks.