1. I love this one, I think it’s my favorite so far. Does anyone know if they are real posters?

  2. These are by far the most creative so far this season, so beautiful!

  3. The graphic designer is Nattles. She does all their promo stuff. Super-talented lady. Every show package she does is a work of art.

  4. Package looks good. So funny every one just comments on the graphic and totally said nothing about the content on the graphics. I think this season the girls are better. Nice job guys ;-)

  5. Carola, Jade, Claire..very cool!
    One Mgmt. show packages are always a step (or two) ahead of the rest.

  6. Debora is by far the best, underrated, and the sweetest person of all time. debora=apple pie!

  7. When did Betty move to One??? Good move!!!

    Good move.

    Milly looks MAZE!!!

    GO ONE.