1. wow! these are simply beautiful yet so cute! the girls look like they had fun shooting this.

  2. Maybe Sigrid is taking some time off. That wouldn’t be a bad decision…
    Hope to see her in Milan and Paris though.
    But it could also be an error or something.
    Exited to see how Antonia will do.
    And love Karmen!

  3. Love the concept of this but some of the photos of certain model wasn’t appealing at all. But anyway, it’s still beautiful!

  4. @models
    You guys have always said that you not always post all the girls from the show packages, so these are all the girls??? I miss Antonella Graef, Dafne Cejas and a couple more

  5. Where’s Sigrid, Anna J, Catherine McNeil, Hannah Holman, Julia S, Lydia Wilhelm, Thairine, or Valeria?

  6. What’s happen with Ford Models? I’ve noticed lots of stablished models as Camilla Finn and Juliana Imai don’t have their profiles online, neither are in the showcard pack for Spring Summer.

  7. Dissapointed that Hannah Holman was not featured. Glad to see Ruby Jean popped up again. Thought Elite had completely lost her to overseas.
    For lack of a better idea I think Ford went on to feature some new faces, strong ones at that. This is why they neglected to display the ones we have grown to love because we already love them.
    PS: Bambi, Karmen and Rose Cordero… I die. Amazing girls.

  8. where is Charlene, Danica :((( i think not being included in the show package will lessen the possibility for them getting big shows like in the past season ://

    Tao isn’t included to she;s my fave :/

  9. You guys don’t get it, do you? That package was shot weeks in advance – not all models were in town.

  10. Charlene Almarvez also shot for this but I don’t know why she wasn’t included.

  11. Loving SS 2012 show package from Ford Models, water and those amazing girls!

    Read from their Twitter that Sigrid won’t be doing NYFW while Tao and Valerija are stil doing it. But i’m still wondering where’s Julia Saner?

    Great job Ford!

  12. Crystal Renn is so beautiful and has such a lovely and healthy body. I hope she rips it up this season. Also, love Ming!

  13. Sigrid is not walking NYFW? soo sad.. Where is Charlene Almarvez & Danica Magpantay? How come FORD is not showing their cards? & I also wonder if Charo Ronquillo is still doing fashion week coz most of her jobs right now are purely commercial.

    Not being rude or anything but can we still consider Crystal Renn as a plus size model? Her measurements are close to a high fashion model.. Maybe she’s taking a slow time to go back to her roots in the industry without being obvious.

  14. Lydia Wilhelmina??? She is one of the more exciting new Ford faces, Hello?

  15. I want to hate this package so badly but I just can’t. It really is so interesting I find myself wanting to look through it again. I just don’t even care to see the girls but the personality displayed in them is totally cool. I simply Love it!!!!!


  17. A ton of amazing girls this season!
    Ruby Jean, Bambi, Karmen, Rose Cordero and Simone Carvalho!
    Very sad to see Dafne Cejas is not here.

  18. Ondria is 14yrs and with CFDA rules no one under 16yrs is permitted to do shows. Not sure why she’s in the show package

  19. Love her, but in my opinion, Ondria Hardin shouldn’t be here. Monika Jagaciak was 13 when she featured for Hermes, but she gone and she came back at 15…!

  20. Huge Show Package! Ford is definetly trying to get all their girls out there.
    Assuming Dafne Cejas is out of town and will be showing up in Europe. Very unsettling that she is not in the show package.
    I do love the concept.. models are models and look beautiful always.. why should they always be done up and caked face.. if thats what they really look like on a daily basis well then they wouldn’t be models. Ford did a wonderful job showing off natural beauty.
    Love Bambi!! Glad to see she will be hitting the runways of New York..