1. omg.. that girl JUANA¡¡¡ SHE IS¡¡¡ she is¡¡
    NICE show package¡

  2. Love this art direction, clean , simple and clever.. Sui he kills it and right to open the package ..

  3. Great Show Pack!
    Sui He and Melissa are beautiful.
    Ben back on the runway? My early 2000’s obssession is satisfied! And Dovile is looking great.

  4. Where is Martina Correa?? I thought she was with NYMM, also does anyone know where the hell Pilar Solchaga is??

  5. Stephanie Rad now with NYMM ??? good move for her .. Patricia has been doing less and less shows , i guess she’s skipping a season.

  6. Who decides if a model skips a season, the model or the agency?

  7. missing a lot of girls!!! marihenny and reny are my favorite! can’t wait to see them walk!! good luck!

  8. GREAT PACKAGE NY MODELS . Sui he, Olga, Juju are my favs.. great new girls .. love Heleen ..

  9. Absolute three favorites are Liza, Marihenny and Dovile.. All the best wishes girls!

  10. @Notontheguestlist… they don’t neccesarily skip a season.. some girls are simply not shown in the show package but still get sent off to castings. Other reasons: Girl is Out Of Town, etc.

  11. Love the use of the white paint and polariods. Very Self Service. great to see them keep the package tight with all the right models.

  12. A shout out to Nitzan Krinsky for helping NYMM put together an awesome show package with his stunning polaroids.
    In reference to the models: Marihenny adore her!!!!!!! Jia Jing, Liza and Dovile are also insane! Such distinct backgrounds does NYMM put together.

  13. Haha! I love this concept. This polaroid idea has been catching on lately and I’m glad to see an agency is using it. Longates the models as well.
    I absolutely love Dovile and Liza. Both girls have been around for quite a while actually. Again- stunning.