1. Oh Wow Jaslene!!! Her card looks amazing!! There was a reason I always liked her. Good Luck.

    Also, like Jennifer, Cindy, Nykhor and Diandra.

  2. WOAH! RED really stepped up their womans division biiiig time!!! Girls are awesome.

    Becker, Iris and Caitlin are my fave!

  3. great to see jaslene back on board.. from what I recall she dissapeared for a while.
    Nykhor lovely as always.
    Diandra as well..
    Becker what a beautiful girl strong name great jaw line, does anyone have anymore information on her?
    Also digging the quirkiness of sumer.

  4. JASLENE and Nykhor are dead GOREGOUS!!

    Ailleen,Jennifer Lauren and Diandra are fierce looking CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE WHATS IN STORE!!

  5. Wow!!! Diandra is so unique!! Also love Jennifer, and Becker. Is it just me or do they sort of look alike?!?! Nice work RED. Can’t wait either.

  6. Agreed. Diandra and Jaslene = Fierceness.
    Checked agency website. Jennifer and Becker both have strong facial structure and similar eye brows but not really alike. Amazing girls.
    Would love it if the agency included their last names! Does anyone know what work they’ve done ? Would love to start a fashion thread for both of them!

  7. well did red get it dead on this season. these girls are stunning models.

    intrigued by becker and cailtin. def see a far future ahead for both. as well as lauren.

    lovely diandra!! nykhor my god.

    and jaselene!!! she was the best winner yet.

  8. WOW…RED…you guys really stepped your game up…love these girls…becker, jaslene, jennifer, and iris are my favorites….can’t wait to see them do their thing.
    @Ramon…. I agree…I would like to know last name of these girls…

  9. very much agreed @ kat.. all becker, jaslene, jennifer and iris have looks that no other girls have and they will kill it.

  10. Very nice girls! See some faces from Spain. Like a lot Jaselene, Becker and Lauren.

  11. Lauren has a amazing look and she def stands out among the pack I know she is a superstar in the making can’t wait to see her walk in many shows

  12. The card concepts is quite plain compared to the previous years but all of the girls are exceptional! The diversity will defiantly bring Rednyc huge spotlight this season!

    Good Luck RED!!


  13. Love Elisabeth, but I think the blonde hair is doing her a great disservice. A darker shade would serve her best. As a brunette she’ll appear younger/fresher, less commercial and I’m sure her features will stand out. IMO

    IRIS & JENNIFER look promising.

    JASLENE STUNNING!!!!! Pleasant surprise.

    Best of Luck to all!!!

  14. Strongest group of girls RED has ever displayed ever.. Rival with many other agencies right now.
    Jaslene, Nykhor and Diandra are not new faces to this game and have been known to kill it as I am sure they will do this season. Going to go with the hype on this one: Becker, Jennifer, Lauren and Iris!!! These girls are stunning, gorgeous, unique and defitenetly a great new group for this industry! Congrats RED!! Best wishes to all!

  15. I honestly really like Becker, Jennifer and Iris.. these girls defitnetly have a far future ahead for them.. So beatiful and unique.

  16. RED has some good ones going for them this season! Nykhor Paul, Diandra Forrest, and Jaslene Gonzalez boom!
    The two new faces that really call out to me are Becker and Iris.. Wow! My favorites!

  17. I do see potential in Red’s Woman Board. It currently is the best it has ever been. Don’t quite think some of the pictures do the girls justice. But again nice girls. Becker really stood out to me. Stunning and natural.

  18. Agreed that this is the best RED has ever been…
    Jennifer and Nykhor are absolutely stunning…

  19. Don’t think my post posted…
    I think this is definitely the best RED has ever been…
    Jennifer and Nykhor are absolutely stunning…