1. Some really nice guys, but boring….the images for Russell are really off he’s got so many nice things in his book. Plus they’ve got some oldies on here too like Marcus H and Helge G? Great looking men though.

  2. barbara is right, i don’t like russell’s images, especially the first one. just glancing at his book or stuff he’s done you can tell this isn’t a good one but nevertheless, this is one of the strongest men board across the world. the package looks simple, clean, and to the point though. she delivers once again.

    Go russ, corey and tobias.

  3. Zie, this is true great men’s board worldwide, but everyone has there day in the sun. It’s safe, sometimes you need to kick it up a notch. Image based industry, can’t get the SOUL artist show cards out of my head…..GREAT and made an impression. These boys all look alike to one degree or the other! Great looking or not.