1. These show cards are so sleek!!!!!!! Simple, but amazing! You can really see the girls for what they are and each girl is so unique! Go FentonMoon!! You are growing so quickly & stongly!!!!!!!!!

  2. is that d andrea debevc frm Antm? She looks stunning. By the way is this a new agency?

  3. Wow!! Gorgeous models from Fenton Moon- love the cards. Can’t wait to see these glamazons at the shows!

  4. These cards are amazing! So impressed. Best show package by far from what I can see already….. what absolutely stunning girls from an impressive “newer” agency!!!!!!!!!

  5. We had a really great time shooting these. Everyone at Fenton Moon was awesome to work with. I wish all the girls well going into Fashion Week!

  6. the accessories are killer. they really went all out. those CHANEL and YSL earrings are to die for. and all those shoes? sick LOUBOUTINS, MANOLO BLAHNIKS, JIMMY CHOO, BALENCIAGA

  7. This is 100% by far the best show package because they actually did a real shoot. Their website has a lot more girls who are in town who aren’t in the show package wonder why. Regardless, FentonMoon’s package is the best.

    They actually put effort into them instead of printing pictures from girls books on regular comp cards without even pictures of the girls bodies? Isn’t runway about the body?

  8. benmore: like discussed in other agencies’ show packages, sometimes girls aren’t in town during the time the show package is shot. some girls are only able to fly into nyc a few days before the mass castings.

  9. ya magalie, todiana, cisa are so sick too bad they didnt make the package

  10. this is cute. it looks like they put in more effort than the other boutique agencies. i wouldn’t go as far to say it’s the best (can anyone over turn Paul at Ford these days?) but they’re nice cards.

  11. WOW!!!!! Looks like you guys CLEANED UP with these cards this season!!!!!! I saw your girls at soooo many of the FNO events, that is great!!!!!! And doing real estate events, good for you guys!!!!! You are really showing the rest of these agencies how to work it!!!!!