1. Mmm… so I guess you should definitely move Andrej to the Top 50 Women list… or do just like agencies do, so copy & past and create a dual version of him… if I still can write “him”… even if wait!, when Andrej’s on a cover half naked (Dossier) the fact he’s an “him” suddenly becomes fundamental and to underline, and a good reason to avoid censorship… I’m a little confused and waiting for clarifications and good suggestions in fact. :)
    hehe jokes aside the question is more complicated and interesting than it may seem, really really interesting… and from so many points of view.

  2. I think he should definately be on both lists, most or at least half of he’s editorial work is from women’s magazines and JPG was a women’s campaign…

  3. Andrej will rock Brazil!!! starting from a “surprise” that he has for them when arrive in Rio at Galeao Airport!!!
    He’s doing an exclusive show for AUSLANDER in Fashion Rion them will rock SPFW shows and brazilian magazines!!! can’t wait to see!!!!

  4. Lovely to see Andrej displayed in both men and wonen show packages. Think it shows his versatility!