1. WOW, a strong move – to shoot the girls naked for the show package :) Now the main question as I see it is whether it’s good for the models to win attention that way. Why not do castings and go sees also naked then? Guys, any ideas?

  2. I can see pictures like this in girl’s books but it’s definitely not good for a fashion week showcard. These are just too “portrait”-like and I can’t see their leg length proportions or lines.

    sleb: I don’t know if it’s a way to win the right kind of attention but it doesn’t do much to show off their “fashion” side

  3. Agreeing with Sleb. That may be good for some magazine spreads, but probably not for Fashion Week showcards.
    Doesn’t help my personal struggle between good and evil much either, shoot fashion & have the model keep the clothes on..or nude, nude, and did I mention nude?

  4. at least this new agency dared to be different and actually have a show card theme that is cohesive. many agencies used pictures straight from the girls books. where is the creativity in that?

    girls dont go to castings naked for obvious reasons. the object of a showcard is to drawn attention so that the girl is seen. what about agencies that just used a face shot? you cant see their bodies at all.

    at least these give designers and casting directors a clean slate to envision the girls bodies in their clothes.

    congrats to fentonmoon for being so daring.

  5. You can see the body of the girls when they come to the casting. It’s just a nice thing because the casting directior hopefully remember the girls better.