1. Hanaa 2th northafrican girl after Hind Sahli !! so excited to see her on the runway !! :)

  2. This package is must be incomplete!
    Its missing great girls, IMG is really be wasting proved talent- way too many girls missing.

    Freja, Sasha, Julia H, Yuliana, Tara Gill????
    wow the list goes on and on and on…
    maybe they are just in europe but I seriously doubt it.

  3. How does models.com define highlights ? As in ,why wouldn’t Frida be a highlight when she always walks alot of shows .

  4. hahahah they’re not ready to put ann ward… her runaway skill is not too good for me,but yes she did good in photoshoot… i am interested to see jessica stam and xiao wen on runaway… xiao wen has such a modern classic face…=)

    no ANN this so wrong. why can’t they just put her in this!!!!!!
    it makes me mad that they say she won but i haven’t seen anything yet. if she wasnt on ANTM.. man she would be ranked and so on. it’s soo…man whatever.

  6. gosh no Ann Ward, what the hell is happening??? i was even excited to see her start doing fashion shows. My high hopes has faded.

  7. aw man, ann ward doing ny fashion week would of sure been something! but i guess she does need a bit more of runway training…i am excited for bianca, joan, and du juan!

  8. Where is Saara?I thought she is going to start walking in this season!Hopefully she’ll walk in Milan and Paris!She is one of the most interesting new faces!Shes like a tall version of Kate Moss!

  9. Best designed show package of the season! Such a cool idea.it’s something that you would want to buy from a high end retailer. Ich leibe IMG

  10. not happy at all with this. alot of amazing girls are missing. and the development section isnt promising. sorry. i like the idea of the package but doesnt sell to me.

  11. Go Tilda!!!! Still one of my favorite.

    Eileen, Isabelle S. : gorgeous