1. wow! the wide range of new faces are incredible! by far the best i’ve seen so far

  2. DNA’s package is completely stunning. So crisp and minimal. I have high hopes for the new faces Codie, Maud, Luisa, and Emily

  3. As always, DNA has impeccable taste in new faces. Brenna De Young in particular looks like an incredible new face for the runway this season!

  4. Very exciting to see what unfolds, this season from DNA. Editorial beauties like Luisa and Codie.. To the expensive cat walkers of Maryna and Magdalena!!

  5. Love these new faces and hope to see Brenna in the shows…. look at those legs.

  6. Hind is truly gorgeous !! just look at her legs !! Hope to see her having a more succesful NY fashion week !!

  7. How is Codie Young not one of the “New Faces”?! She’s the hottest new face around, she will definitely RULE fashion week!

  8. Hind is the best !!! <3 she's got an interesting face and shuch a beautiful legs !!

  9. As Coco Chanel says: “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”….that’s the DNA GIRLS!!!! Looking HOT HOT HOT for 2011!

  10. This DNA package looks really strong. That team seems to have regrouped and powered up. Fresh, new and strong.

  11. Loving the New Faces this season, And loving the diversity also. this is gonna be great!

  12. These girls are phenomenal! A nice marriage of classical and editorial girls… Love the kiwi contingent in there – GO JESSICA CLARKE and EMILY BAKER!!!!!! DNA is shaking things up once again – the best show package by far!!!

  13. wow! what a fantastic package! lots of great girls from all over the globe! the southern hemisphere is really representing this year!! go jessica, emily & codie!!

  14. YAY what strong beautiful new faces! how hawt are aysche, luisa, hind and lisa?! DNA does it again, tasteful and talented! giiirl

  15. im really impressed by DNA’s new faces…i’m looking forward to seeing these girls on the runway this season!!

  16. can’t wait to see Hind !!! she ‘s hot and her legs are just phenomenal !!

  17. Well, Kirsi is Kirsi, but she’s great and it’s fair to underline it the most possible… about others: I’d like to mention Lisa Bommerson, and… Linn Arvidsson as well, that I like and I’m sure I’m going to love off the runway, but… well, I’m still pretty doubtful about what she can do during FWs if she won’t change a little, but she has huge potentialities, so we’ll see.


  18. I thought that Ali Michael is with DNA, what’s wrong??? I kind of miss the girls from 2007-2008-2009 generation like Masha Tyelna, Taryn Davidson, Ali Michael, Ali Stephens or Katie Fogarty. I hope Ali hasn’t retire because she is amazing and if we realize the impact of Crystal Renn in fashion, why Ali should be left apart??