1. Wowww Wilhelmina is stepping up their game…. Do they have a new scout or what ?? Some of these girls might do quite well coming season. Well done!

  2. Go MJ go!!!! YAY!!!! This is sooo exciting. We photographed Mj for our latest lookbook just before she left for NY and she is an absolute darling, she deserves all the success in the world. Hailing from Alice Springs (the desert) in central Australia she is so down to earth and was a real pleasure to work with. MJ has a gigantic future ahead of her and it seriously couldn’t happen to a nicer person!!!! Wooohoooo, we heart you MJ, mwah mwah mwah xxd

  3. OMG go MJ we love you sooo much!! You are amazing, beautiful, lovely, HOT, sexy, smouldaringly beaitiful… WE LOVE YOU XOXO

  4. wow MJ is amazing!! Absolutely beautiful those friends of hers must be lucky!! :D