1. Arizona, Karlie, Hailey!!!

    I’m sure Arizona will have a amazing season, again. (LL)

  2. Next has incrdible models. they get better season after season. go Karlie,Arizona, Hailey, and watch out for Emilia and Zuzanna

  3. Esmé Wissels and Rasa (Zukauskaite – even if Rasa is Rasa, period…) are my fav, but… I’d like to mention a model so underrated like Ana Gilca, not in my top 10, or even 30, but that I think absolutely noteworthy.
    And… simply because of a “Hey, here you are!”, Dasha Sushko: she looked great at Paris HC, maybe she looks “kind-of-ordinary”, but wait, I’d like to have so many ordinary looking models like her…


  4. Yay, Suvi has a card. Hopefully she does more than just ‘cameos’ for friends this time.

  5. arisona , tati , naomi and karlie ….the best girls…..they are so new ……but naomi is my favorite

  6. Nice package. Very clasic. I’m so curious how Esme will do this season. I really hope on a great second season. She’s absolutely geogeous.

  7. wassup with the crash-crutch pic? Blinkin’s gotta go, otherwise, some great models here although color is better for zeds

  8. Não sei o que os estilistas veem nesta TATI da argentina. Ela é uma modelo muito insossa e sem graças, jamais será uma GISELE BUNDCHEN

  9. @paulo góis: it’s pretty clear that you’ve never seen tati’s potfolio or work. she is an amazing model and a very smart girl, she is like a camaleon. she is not even close to giselle but because she is another type of model, not a sexy/bombshell like bundchen. tati is more indie/couture model, i mean… the next time, my friend, just inform yourself a little before you speak!