Hot colors against stark black and white. It’s always a winning design and the win is even bigger this season at Why Not when the girls being illustrated bear names like Agyness, Ali and Coco. We’re also studying all the newcomers at Why Not like a fortune teller scanning tea leaves because we just sense that Milan is about to make a bold bold statement!

  1. Nice girl… :P
    WyjÄ…tkowo ladna osobka jak to zwyklo sie mawiac w Polsce:D

  2. I’m korean.
    Hye park is very pretty and attractive.
    What a beautiful girl it is!!

  3. an amazing model for every designers I love Karlie Kloss and Raquell Zizzermann there absoulty amazing and the best walkers this season for s/s o9

  4. she’s the kind of girl ….destiny to be a model + sweet, calm , well manner. very charming lady (still a girl). to me her beauty is kinda confussion but she’s a Rare SPECIAL kind. :) good luck all the best to you. xxx

  5. your absolutely stunning.
    i use to look right up to you in high school

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