It was via IMG Milan last season that 6 previously unseen new faces hit the Prada runway in a show stopper of a grand unveiling. With girls like Adina, Alana, Anna Gushina and Daria hitting the open market for the first time, the windfall at IMG should be gigantic. And, then there’s always the business of the stars like Freja, Tanya and Erin Wasson. That said, OTM is tracking every new girl in this show package because we sense something is about to happen. Big time.

  1. you are my favourite model!!!!!!!i have a little from your features.hope i ll see you more on fashion tv

  2. Daria Strokous ROCKS AMAZINGLY! The facts are undeniable. The truth has come to light. There is no longer any doubt in the international world of fashion as who is the new rising star flying towards the most coveted status of Super Model – the one and only Daria Strokous (Period!)

    She has shined incredibly in the European Fashion Shows and New York is waiting in anticipation for this star to grace them with her long, classy, and confident steps once more! A pure confidence and incalculable style & class that can only come from a model, few in fashion history, who seem to understand the complex art which goes behind it all in such a natural way, its almost effortless. Designers are sure to cover her in their creations expected to be the best we have seen in years and photographers are sure to covet her as their lenses capture a beauty which only once in a lifetime us mere mortals get to experience. Only since the days of the first great supermodels have we been able to admire such a real true and uncontested muse. It is for the first time the world can agree in unison to the famous fraze, “From Russia with Love!”.


    In the late 1990s actresses, pop singers, and other entertainment celebrities began gradually replacing models on fashion magazine covers and ad campaigns. Many of us can understand the “business” reasons for it. Charles Gandee, associate editor at Vogue, has said that high prices and poor attitudes contributed less to the decline of the supermodel. As clothes became less flashy, designers turned to models who were less glamorous, so they wouldn’t overpower the clothing. The popular media apply the term ‘Supermodel’ loosely to some without worldwide recognition and extensive experience in haute couture.
    Daria Strokous

    Daria Strokous

    But that is to be no more. Few new faces arising are finally showing signs of the caliber of the “Big Six”, yet are showing signs of being less like them involving attitude and approach towards modeling. Their approach is that of an artistic one and of course, a business one. Meeting many models out there more and more are less scared of showing their gifts and utilizing them towards their jobs – modeling.

    Among of those new faces is Daria Strokous. She is a photographer, journalist and has a great business sense. She designs her own clothes and approaches the industry with a refreshing humility and fierce confidence with a look and style unseen since the “Big Six”.

    Daria Strokous is an example for many to follow and one which the fashion industry has prayed for years to emerge – one they can proudly say “This is what Model means!”