A glossy black box with the Next company logo in gray on the back, except for the X in fuchsia, arrives. The top of the box slides open to reveal the selection of Next beauties led by the very exclusive Anja Rubik, the red hot Catherine McNeil, OTM’s fave cool chick Abbey Lee, that beautiful Jamaican Sasha Gaye and the ever-coveted Solange making a much awaited return to NY. Then there are the newest of the new girls you have high expectations for, like Franziska and Kelsey. All these sleek girls are packaged with a show card bordered in that signature fuchsia, or a very specific yellow/orange, with a quality control on the printing that makes this production very enviable indeed. But did you expect less from Doug Lloyd, the mastermind behind this season’s Next cards? This agency’s editorial ambitions have been fired so it will be fascinating to see their final tally in the booking wars of NYC. Stay tuned!


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