Well look who seized the element of surprise! The New York Models FW 08 show package is the equivalent of an incredible new girl who walks in the door with hair pulled back and face scrubbed clean, all the better to highlight her immaculate skin and killer bone structure. OTM loves this suite of girls as they are beautifully positioned here as the epitome of freshness, newness and clarity. It’s always been the case that this agency’s scouting system is audacious in tracking down very promising newcomers (like last season’s Prada walker Cate Chant, surfacing in NY for the first time). Now the spectrum of girls ranges from the captivating Nadine to the grown-up Giedre coming off a smash SS08 London show season as well as Top 50 faces Kinee and Yana K. Equally exciting is the looming runway return of Sunniva, the original “Renaissance-style redhead”. Our fascination with Camille is evident via her current video while the newly cropped Noreen is set for an exciting first season in NY. With a simple but clever design scheme that speaks directly to the casting directors, designers and editors that will be criss-crossing the directional showroom of the city, its going to be intriguing to see which of these girls will find that ultimate blue chip seal of approval. The tracking starts now.

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