If you thought he couldn’t do it a second time, Paul Rowland not only defies that thought, he actually exceeds the level of performance on the last Supreme show package. How stunning it is to see the upgrade in the quality of the photography, and the intricacies of the styling and the daring of the hair, make-up and set design. Rowland along with his co-photographer Chadwick Tyler has shot a world to house Rowland’s brilliant selection of models. It is a world, built from scratch that shifts through references to androgyny, underground NY culture and a tradition of forging a directional fashion feeling from vintage clothes. The fact that Rowland is so deep and so personally into themes that obviously mean a lot to him, is what separates this agency from the rest. Most of all, the FW08 Supreme package is so beautifully printed, it feels like a coffee table book in the hands. Last season saw a dedicated vision like this finding support from some of the more intuitive and freehanded designers in fashion. This season it will be fascinating to watch how Supreme stars like Meghan, Suvi, Rachel Clark, Daiane, Alyona and Alana will circulate on the blue chip runways along with the fascinating newcomers like Inna, Katriina, Marina, Iris and Olesya. Thank god that there is one manager in the business who treats fashion as a creative and inspirational enterprise!

  1. i was thinking about iris, but seeing vika and pilar…
    i just cant decide. i just adore supreme girls
    for they look so real!