Way Model Management can always be counted on for quality. Their flawless lineup includes some of the top beauties in Brazil; from editorial superstars like Carol Trentini and Alessandra Ambrosio, to rising stars like Gracie Carvalho to the inimitable Lea T, making her Brazilian shows debut. Top tier girls aren’t the only cause for excitement, the men of Way are every bit as appealing with Michael Camiloto and Marlon Teixeira lending their runway expertise. With a roster this dynamic Way is certain to dominate the runways of Sao Paulo fashion week yet again this season. (Cards designed by graphic artist Romeu Silveira)

  1. Lea T. is going to rock this year in Sao Paulo: all the flashs will be point to her!

  2. OMG! I love the show card and the casting. GO BRAZIL!!!!!!!!

  3. It´s amazing !!!!
    I love it !!!!
    Go beautiful models !!!
    It´s Perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Congratulation Way Model !!!!!!!

  4. Models.com forgot to publish the showcard of Ford Models Brasil…. much better than Way. That’s sounds like a protection or manipulation and promotion only of some agencies.

  5. Octavio:

    We didn’t “forget”. They didn’t send them to us, so perhaps they “forgot” or chose not to, which is completely their right. So please do not assume anything about what you don’t know.


  6. Alessandra is the “jewel” in WAY Models’ crown. Everything she touches turns to gold, or dollars, or love. The public loves her; she radiates approachability and people sense that. She has made VS a stunning success through her personal appearances & store openings. It just so happens she’s good at every aspect of modeling; if ever a Woman was born to model, Alessandra Ambrosio is living proof! <3