Nathalie Models F/W 11 Show Package is filled to the brim with some of the brightest stars on the runway today. Representing a slew of male beauties from the always debonair Armando Cabral to the sophisticated Philipp Bierbaum; this board’s wide range of unique looks make it a must stop for that sharp eyed casting director. The cover of the package, a serenely dreamy watercolor of a faceless man represents for us, the infinite possibilities of the Nathalie man.

  1. I wonder if Shaun Ross will book a bunch of shows this season due to the Givenchy Campaign if so that would be sad it took them this long to see he was a great mecca for fashin .


  2. I agree that shawn is a great mecca for fashion but not as a model!
    and vlad is a typical nathalie every season “shocker”!

    Very fresh though in general!

  3. Armando Cabral has such a marvelously serious face! There’s a real strength of presence here that could not help but give gravitas to anything he wears!

  4. OMG! Marius!! Something fresh.. Something special. Not just beautiful, but very interesting too. amazing

  5. predicting an emphasis on the healthy, gorgeous, manly man this round. bright eyes, beautiful skin

    where have i seen felix bujo before? his lips and bones are divine