Women Paris‘ S/S 11 package is filled to the brim with the most requested runway faces of today. The “polaroid” format of the cards clearly highlight each of these face’s individual beauty and personality. From Caroline Trentini to Christina Kruse to Natasha Poly to Iris Strubegger, these are indeed “women” that bring a vitality to the catwalk unmatched by anyone. These 4 and the rest of the fabulous Women Paris board certainly make things exciting come Paris show time. Coming up through the ranks, the very vivacious quartet: Britt Maren, Ilva Hetmann, Iris Egbers, Kristina + plus the one superspecial face Lea T) make it clear that the tradition of fantastic faces lives on at Women Paris. Keep an eye on Marique Schimmels, Milicia, and Natalia Siodmak as the newcomers to watch.

  1. Alejandra Alonso is much more than just pretty, it´s sooo stunning!! Go girl!!!

  2. And came the day… Auguste did Paris FW… hehe
    btw Kristy and Kate (each in her own way) as usual looked great this season – and I’m so happy about that.
    PS I won’t mention anyone… but I take this occasion to ask myself once again: why at agencies sometimes they have (bad) habit to do showcard of girls they already know won’t come to the city for the shows?!


  3. she s so pretty omG ..yayay babY l0lz i hopE she dOInG ok do00 hahahhahah models21000000000000000000000000 ~Clara Gavarrete ~