WM Model Management opens Pandora’s box with their festive S/S cards! Their mythology themed package is as bright and inventive as they come, with framed photos of their models showing up inside expressive vignettes from flames surrounding Alexandra Richards, to a flood engulfing new face Jaine, the images are stand out from the usual. Dazzling cards aside, there is no shortage of beautiful faces; seasoned runway star Luca Gadjus and in demand new face Hanna Samokhina are standouts, but each and every girl at WM seems poised for greatness.

  1. LOOOOOOve this Show Package, nice job ! Design is reaaaaly good and the girls look amazing ! Love Alexandra Richards (keith’s daughter ??) ,Hanna S, Luise and Vika.

  2. The best show Package ever !! At last an art department with real ideas… Good job WM ! Very Promising !
    And ambitious ! Just love it <3